SharePoint 2010 Enterprise RTM
Windows Server 2008 R2 Domain


I chose not to use the Farm Configuration Wizard, but instead create my web applications manually.

1. Created a new Web Application.
2. Added a new managed service account.
3. Created a new application pool for this web app.
4. Created a Site Collection for this web app.

Error Messages:

The following error occurs when trying to launch the newly created Site Collection:

HTTP Error 503. The service in unavailable.

The application pool is shutdown and the Event Viewer indicates:

Log Name:      Application
Source:        Microsoft-Windows-User Profiles Service
Date:          4/24/2010 4:58:28 PM
Event ID:      1500
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
User:          GUERILLA\spapppool
Computer:      SPS2010RTM.guerilla.local
Windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check that you are connected to the network, and that your network is functioning correctly.

DETAIL – Unspecified error


Seems like the application pool was having trouble loading the user profile for the service account. Since I had never logged on locally with the service account before, it was unable to find a user profile for it (C:\Users\).


Option 1 – Log on locally with the service account once to create a local profile for it.

Option 2 – Modify the application pool by going into IIS > Application Pools > Right-Click offending app pool > Advanced Settings > Set “Load User Profile” to False.

Side Effects?

Haven’t seen any yet… Not sure if SharePoint service accounts need to have local user profiles for anything in particular.