If you guys haven’t seen this already, check out ajaxWindows. I’ve always thought this would be the future of desktops but not this soon! It’s basically a hosted OS with just about any application you can think of albeit not the usual MS stuff. Heck, it can even sync up with the contents of your local computer and uses your Gmail account as the storage space.

I think we’re entering an age where applications are seeing accelerated growth just like the CPU wars of the late 90’/early 00’s. The advancements in AJAX, WPF, Silverlight and other development frameworks are just amazing in that they are enabling developers and designers to create extremely intuitive and appealing applications. With increased work and research going into all this usability like with multi-touch/virtual desktop devices, it’ll be very interesting to see what becomes of this cloud computing paradigm in the next few years.

Oh yeah, how’s this related to SharePoint? Imagine if we could have a BumpTop or an ajaxWindows that multiple people could log-on to and collaborate on stuff together. Maybe enable some web cam streaming on each corner of the page and Document in the middle? Maybe MOSS 2012? :p