Windows Server 2008
1 x MOSS WFE Server
1 x MOSS APP Server
1 x SQL Server

I recently had to troubleshoot an environment where SharePoint backup jobs were becoming stuck on the Search related databases. The backup status would stay on the initializing phase and wouldn’t go past 50% for these databases and eventually the whole backup sequence would terminate or we’d have to terminate it manually. Checking all the event and diagnostic logs didn’t yield any helpful clues except for the generic event ID’s 6398, 7076, and 6482 which seemed totally unrelated at the time.

Upon closer inspection and some more sleuthing it was discovered that the incremental index jobs were scheduled and running during the backup jobs. Apparently, the backup job was getting confused and got tripped up on this fact. So we scheduled the incremental crawls to run outside of the backup window and everything turned out ok!