I think it’s been pretty common knowledge that you can open up a Document Library in Windows Explorer view to move mass documents to other folders or libraries. But there’s a drawback to that method because the document’s properties get updated in the process – mainly the modified date/time as well as the user would take on the role of the person that ‘Last modified’ the document. This also applies to copying list data in data sheet view from one list to another.

Some have figured out a different way where you can save the current list or Document Library as a template with content included and redeploying that to other locations. Unfortunately this method will also overwrite the last modified timestamps and also the ‘Created by’ property with the time that the list was recreated and by the person that created it, respectively.

So if you want to move the contents of a SharePoint Document Library or List and be able to preserve the item’s metadata/property values at the same time you should use this method:

1. Create a blank destination List or Document Library. You don’t have to worry about recreating custom fields and whatnot. The move process will do this for you.

2. Go to the ‘Site Content and Structure’ page. You can access this site with either Site Actions > Site Settings or http://portal/_Layouts/sitemanager.aspx

3. Navigate to your source List or Document Library and mark all the items that you would like to have moved. Then click on Actions > Move…

4. You’ll then be prompted with a pop-up that will let you navigate to your destination List or Document Library. After you find that, just press the OK button and you’ll be good to go!

So by using this method, you’ll be able to preserve all of the document properties/metadata while moving list items or documents from one location to another!