Long time no post eh? Last 6 months or so have been pretty humdrum but I’m glad to be back in an environment where I can flex my SharePoint muscles. :mrgreen: As of last week, I’m now working as one of two internal SharePoint keepers of the farm at Quest Software and couldn’t be happier! First interesting thing I’ve come across so far:

If you have a SharePoint Survey List with over 100 list items/submissions, an export to Excel from the Actions menu will only yield the first 100 items of the list. This is a SharePoint 2007 farm by the way. Not sure if this is still applicable for 2010.

For some reason, the SPView.Paged property is set to false by default and thus only the default first 100 items of the query will be returned to Excel when the list is exported.

Now I know there are a bunch of solutions to this issue already posted out there but they all involved SharePoint Designer. I don’t like SharePoint Designer… especially when having to modify markup… Instead, I used SPManager 2007 to simply flip the property for the default view from false to true and that was it. Simple, clean and didn’t involve having to open up SharePoint Designer. 😉

Changing the Paged property for the default view of the Survey List.