This one isn’t exactly a critical bug or issue but it’s definitely one that will get on the nerves of some of your more keen end-users. Often times, when you have a user navigate to their My Site prior to having the User Profile Import fully configured and run, you may notice that the users’ display names are nowhere to be found in the user interface. Instead you see that all mentions of their name are in the form of their network logins, aka domain\username.

You’ll notice that the image above shows that the display name does actually present itself properly (by modifying the user profile in Central Admin’s User Profile Service) next to the presence bubble but what’s up with the link under SharePoint Documents? Upon clicking on the link, we are taken to the user’s My Content site…

Aha! Isn’t that where the Site Title goes? That’s an easy fix. Now you can go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Title, description, and icon and that’s where you can update the Site Title. After you do that, the link in the first image above will properly show the user’s display name…or whatever you decide to save as the Site Title for the user’s My Content Site. Have fun!