I got some depressing news last Thursday via an overnight FedEx letter from MSFT. Three days before I was to be shipped out to Redmond to begin a new life, they officially denied my quest and retracted the job offer that was given to me 3 weeks prior. Heck, they even went so far as to denying me any employment offers until July 2015! That’s pretty damn harsh if you ask me…

So “what the hell happened?!” you’re probably wondering…

<insert shameless self-promotion>

Looking for an experienced SharePoint Professional for your next project? Look no further! I’m making myself available to you and your organization anywhere in the world. Looking for any of the following SharePoint related skillsets?

SharePoint Infrastructure Architect
SharePoint Information Architect
SharePoint Administration
SharePoint Business Analyst
SharePoint Demos
SharePoint Disaster Recovery
SharePoint General Consultant
SharePoint Development/ Enhancements
SharePoint Ninja
SharePoint Optimization
SharePoint Proof of Concepts
SharePoint Training (Admin/ Basic Dev /End-user)
SharePoint Troubleshooting
And just about anything else related to SharePoint.

Henry Ong (that’s me) has exceptional soft and technical skills that can put a smile on any hardened CIO or project manager out there!

If you’re interested, contact me now before someone else books me! If I was good enough for Microsoft, why not you right? 🙂

henry [at] henryong.com


So back to my story. Apparently some person(s) up in Redmond’s “ethics committee” or something of that nature wasn’t so impressed by a negative mark on my background check. No, I didn’t hurt anyone. No, it wasn’t drug or alcohol related. It was something juvenile I did a few years back and heck, I felt so disgusted with myself afterwards I even voluntarily turned myself into two random cops on the street in an attempt to fix a problem that nobody was even aware of. Needless to say that one attempt to be forthright and honest turned into this lost opportunity with Microsoft.

Moral of the story? CLEAR YOUR BACKGROUND CHECK of anything negative going back at least 7 years if you’re looking to apply for a position @ MSFT. Why didn’t I do that? Well, I did. Except for the law firm I was trying to use lagged their ass off and it’s taking 3 times as long and 500x more expensive as if I had gone through with the expungement process myself.

So again, if you can overlook a once in a lifetime stupid juvenile decision that I made a long time ago and if you’re looking for a SharePoint Professional that can travel to any corner of the earth, provide remote support, or pitch SharePoint to you executive team feel free to contact me anytime @ henry [at] henryong.com.

I am also open to full time positions in either Orange County or the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

Thanks for listening! 🙂