Yeah, I know I’ve been MIA for awhile but I have good reason! I had been working on my first commissioned publication for Wrox in the form of a Wrox Blox that was just published yesterday! Woohoo!

my wrox blox

The motivation for writing this Wrox Blox stemmed from how I had wanted to fill a void I saw in terms of explaining how to effectively use SharePoint Content Types and metadata to not only technical SharePoint folks but also to those that are just beginning their SharePoint journeys or evaluating SharePoint as a solution for their document/information management needs. Not to mention Wrox gave me a wonderful opportunity to dabble in some book writing like I’ve always wanted to do :).

I consider myself a hybrid IT Professional having a very broad range of technical and business skills specializing in Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, so I wanted to target this Blox towards a rather broad audience who’s job titles may fall under any of the following categories:SharePoint Administrators, Business Analysts, Knowledge Management Professionals, IT Directors, Power Users. With these types of readers in mind I tried to include as many real world examples as possible without dumbing it down too much for SharePoint professionals and not having it too technical for the business folks or decision makers. Unfortunately, that means no code for the code hungry developers to look through.

So if you have people in your organization that are either evaluating or in the process of setting up SharePoint as document/information/content repositories (that’s pretty much everyone) or would just like to see some examples of how to make good use of Content Types and metadata take a peek at my Wrox Blox! Again, this was my first published work so please do leave whatever positive or negative comments you might have in case I work on something else later on!

Personal Note:ย And don’t forget about Pangea Day on May 10th, 2008!