… and Google Reader damnation is what I should be calling my blog. Once upon a time, not too long ago I was able to keep up with my blogging and feed reading quite well. But after nearly a month of non-stop 12-hour SharePoint days I think I am finally on information overload. *sigh….

That’s my Google Reader feed aggregator in case you didn’t recognize the UI. I’ve been contemplating all week whether or not I should just wipe everything out and start over. But I couldn’t do thaaaaat! I’m subscribed to too many awesome sites. So here’s my catch up plan (yet to be implemented):

1. Use the expanded folder view

2. Click on a desired feed & use theList view

Let’s take SharePointKicks.com for example… 73 new items… hmmm…

3. Scroll through List view and only read interesting titles

Unfortunately for SharePointKicks I don’t really see any interesting SharePoint blogs…

4. Hit the Mark all as read Button

Et voila! 73 down, 200+ more blogs and 3000+ posts more to go… I must admit, I first got this tip from Robert Scoble. I still can’t comprehend how he keeps up with his bazillion blogs everyday.

How do you keep control of your feed reading?