Before I rant, has anyone encountered a Vista machine looping on boot up endlessly? Here’s the backstory:

I upgraded XP SP2 to Vista Ultimate a few weeks ago and just realized today that my secondary hard drive wasn’t being recognized by Vista. Disk management was useless and gave me no options to remove or mount. So I went to the BIOS to look for something to change, didn’t really see anything interesting… may have changed some boot up options, but changed it back to default BIOS settings.


Everytime I try to boot, it goes to the Vista logo and then automatically restarts… incessantly.

    What I’ve done:

So far I’ve tried the Startup repair option from the Vista disk, deleted/rebuilt master boot records, and just about everything else I could find on Microsoft’s Knowledgebase and newsgroups.

Any suggestions anyone?

** Begin Rant **

Spent all weekend moving and I’m still unpacking.
Damn you Cox Cable, 2 weeks after signing up for service and still no cable + internet.
Launched 2 MOSS 2007 portals in a hurry.
Barely able to keep up with emails.
Falling asleep at my desk…
Need sleep…

** End Rant **