If you’ve ever spent anytime using InfoPath, you know how awesome this tool is. It enables you to create forms in a WYSIWYG application and even let’s you connect it to data sources. The sweetest part is that if you’re using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise you can publish these forms straight to your server and have users fill them out via the browser! MOSS 2007 Enterprise comes with InfoPath Forms Services which renders InfoPath forms as html so you don’t have to install the client software on all of your users’ computers, although you do lose some of the richness.

I was creating some forms the other day and couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to make a multi-line textbox expand dynamically without the use of scrollbars. My scenario was that I wanted to have the users be able to fill out the form as well as be able to print the form. But if they go over their alotted # of lines, then their text won’t get printed. So I dug around InfoPath for awhile, going through all the controls and properties, then finally stumbled upon the Rich Text Box. I proceeded to feel enlightened and an idiot at the same time…

I was previously trying to use the regular Text Box but that couldn’t be dynamically expanded with browser-based forms. The Rich Text Box control uses XHTML and works great!