In MOSS 2007 you’ll notice that users are able to upload pictures to there personal My Sites. These pictures also get propogated to the Contact Details web part as well as People Search Results.

So it’s actually a common practice for many companies to standardize on employee photos and disable everyone from uploading their glamour shots. To do this, first go to your Active Directory Management Console and hopefully you have the Exchange AD Management Plugin installed also.

You’ll know if you have it installed if you see all the tabs below:

1. Click on the Exchange Advanced Tab
2. Click Custom Attributes
3. Use one of those extensionAttribute values to store any kind of link to your picture.
4. OK out of AD.

Now you want to go to your MOSS Central Admin and do the following:

5. Go to your Shared Services Provider
6. Under User Profiles and My Sites click on User profiles and properties
7. Click on View Profile Properties at the bottom of the page.
8. Edit the Picture Property
9. Select “Do not allow users to edit values for this property”
10. In the Property Import Mapping Section change the Data source field to map: to your corresponding extensionAttribute# and hit OK.

Do a full user import and all the pictures should get populated into SharePoint!